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Marimba is the default ringtone for the iPhone. It shows Steve Jobs is very meticulous. There are a lot of ring tones in the world but just hear it you already know. The legendary nokia ringtone and on iphone is Marimba. The original purpose of the ringtone is to attract attention. The user must stop working and pick up the phone. Researchers at Bell Laboratories have done a lot of research and realized that an ideal ringtone should be between 2 KHz and 4 KHz. Audio magnitude increases in about 96 dB over a 3 to 5 second. (Best iphone ringtones here)

According to Forbes, this principle has been Apple applied on the first generation iPhone. Steve Jobs does not like Nokia ringtones, he wants a more unique ringtone. At that time, Steve Jobs must have two options.

  • Signed with record labels for a perfect ringtone
  • An iPhone with different ringtones

And that’s how the 25-tone ringtone was on the first iPhone.
who helped make the first 25 ringtones (including Marimba) as Dr. Gerhard Lengeling. A sound specialist plays an important role in Apple’s high-quality audio-related software. Finally, you probably understand why Marimba was chosen as the default ringtone on the iPhone: It fulfills all of the requirements for a perfect ringtone from Bell Laboratories.

Today we can create Iphone ringtone with LaunchPad or a software on a Computer. This is a video how to make iphone ringtones:

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